Property Cleanup in Charleston

Whether you need to clea up your own property, or one that you have acquired, trust 1 Man & A Pickup Truck for property cleanup in Charleston and the surrounding areas. Depending on the circumstances of the clean, whether it is due to foreclosure, hoarding, or construction, the job requires different skills and precautions. Fortunately, we have all the skills required for foreclosure, construction, hoarding cleanup, and more.

Make Your Property Market Ready with Foreclosure Cleanup

Often when a home is foreclosed it is left in a less than ideal state. If you are a bank, real estate agent, or investor, you want to sell your property and recoup your investment as quickly as possible. We make the job of selling your property easier with our foreclosure cleanup service. Our expert team removes any unwanted items while maintaining a professional manner the entire time.

Another thing to take into consideration is the cost of foreclosure cleanup. Whether you are an investor trying to turn a profit, or a bank that is simply trying to make up your loss, you want to find a company that does that job well and at an affordable price. Not only does our company offer some of the best prices in the business, we offer even more savings to our customers with great discounts. With our help you are going to raise your property’s curb appeal and sell it quicker.

Hire a Specialist for Hoarding Cleanup

Because of the unique nature of a hoarding environment, it is imperative that you trust a professional hoarding cleanup company such as us to take care of the mess. There are many hazards involved in these environments, and they are generally considered unlivable. Large stacks of items pose a serious risk and homeowners and pets have tragically lost their lives by being trapped under falling debris. Also the unsanitary nature of hoarding attracts insects, rodents, and other unwanted animals. This creates the possibility of diseases and illnesses that are potentially life threatening.

By hiring our hording clean-up crew, you have the peace of mind that the mess will be taken care of without any danger to yourself or our crew. We have more than 15 years of experience taking care of all types of messes, and are able to quickly and efficiently eliminated horded trash in a safe and secure manner.

Trust Our Experts for Construction Cleanup

When there is a need for residential demolition cleanup, we are the company that people trust to get the job done, so it makes sense that we would also be experts at construction cleanup. Construction sites are dangerous, with nails, metal, and other hazardous debris, it is best to let the experts handle the cleanup. 

Contact us for property cleanup services today. We serve Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, and Walterboro, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

Cleaned-out Room in Charleston, SC